Why Alpaca

Alpaca is among natures finest textiles, being both finer than cashmere, lighter and warmer than merino, and because it contains no lanolin or rough fibers, even those with an allergy to wool can wear it. What makes alpaca so unique is that it is a filament, like Play-Fortuna silk not a fiber like ordinary wool. Wool is a segmented fiber, like our own hair and therefore requires conditioning to prevent the forming of barbs or splits which cause wool to become itchy. Sheep also produce an oil called Lanolin which attracts pollens, allergens and dust and causes wool to mat, shrink and pill. Alpacas produce no Lanolin, therefore their wool is hypoallergenic, and their fleece is made of long, smooth hollow filaments causing it to be lighter, softer and warmer than any wool fiber.

Care and Cleaning

Handwash in cold water using a
non-abrasive soap (Woolite or Liquid Detergent)

Lay flat or hang to dry.
Do not wring!

Tumble on “air only” to fluff, and
gently brush from the centre fold down
using a soft hairbrush or garment brush
to restore the “like - new” sheen and
to remove any loose filaments.

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